Saturday, May 19, 2012

Five-Year Plan

Allison Shead, you did warn me. I did ish listen, about spinach poisoning... but then I let my husband take over on smoothie making and I lost track of how much spinach I was actually ingesting.

Amanda... Jenny... person who's blog is completely in Spanish... The cookbook is THE REAL FOOD DIET cookbook. I hate the title, because it has the word diet in it. People just use that word so people will google diets and their book will pop up. However, it is a nice book. Tyler and I have eaten black bean soup (with zucchini, onion, mushroom, and hot sauce), stir-fry (simply bok-choy and steak with homemade sauce), and baked fish and brussel sprouts (fish baked in homemade almond flour with random spices/herbs from the "cupboard"). It was good stuff. Tonight we had beer, pizza, and wings... at a bar.

I cannot tell you how excited I am... I have worked many days straight without a break, and I will not complain about it. However, I will say that two days ago I sat in my office chair trying to talk myself through a Wednesday. I said to myself, "I get to go to the zoo on Saturday. I get to go to the zoo on Saturday. I get to go to the zoo on Saturday." Eventually, it was 5 o'clock and I left work. But, tomorrow I am going to the zoo.

I will go to the zoo and see lions, and any large cat really... plus bears, and cool birds, and odd fish. I am so excited. I may even pay 5 dollars to pet and feed a stingray. If I go like Steve, that'll be okay.

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  1. that's not a five year plan!! unless your five year plan is to get stung by a stingray ;)

    okay I'll have to check out the cookbook!

    and for the record I am so jealous every time someone talks about the st. louis zoo. our zoo is so small and it is most definitely not free!!

    one more reason to visit st louis :)