Thursday, August 9, 2012

My ring was found. I truly believed I'd never see it, so thanks to all those people who didn't give up on it. It was just a bit after my last blog post, where I kind of "accepted" losing my wedding ring, that I heard it was found. Also, besides the losing the ring part, my world was being tossed about by general sadness and stress and being crushed and growing. So finding my ring was more like a little detail in the mess.

After my post I thought, "How funny would it be if my yoga teacher called and said she had something for me?" Then I thought I would respond to her, "Well, if it's not my wedding ring, I'm sorry if I'm not too excited." As I played out this dumb scenario in my head, my phone started ringing. It said, "Sarah Blue Bird" and I was like "WEIRD!" I answered, and Sarah said "I think I have something for you." I flipped out. At the moment we weren't sure if it was my ring because she hadn't seen it yet, only gotten a call from the sweets shop next door that they had found a ring with a band by the dumpster. I knew it was mine, but right at the moment on the phone the woman from the shop brought the ring over and gave it to Sarah. She said, "Yes, this is Shannon's. Here, I'll give you a hug from her." I couldn't cry, but I was sweating so much. It was weird, but it was a happy sweat.

Tyler and I drove to yoga all happy and excited. When Sarah gave me the ring and hugged me, I showed it to my training friend, who then hugged me, which got the attention of my other training friend who came over and hugged me, and then word spread around the class that my ring was found and everyone started clapping. That's when my eyes watered. It was so humbling to be around a bunch of people that I don't know super well, but we all have something in common and it's sweet that they all cared, and they all helped me look.

So again, the ring was just the thing that happened during my month of madness. Thankful to have it back. Had it not been returned, we would have moved on. I said it before, but God is funny. And good.

We got a nice storm last night. The lightning was magnificent. The thunder was wonderful. I slept so well. I went in the backyard for a bit to watch. It was just sweet, and made me think of all the times dad took us kids outside when the sirens went off.

My Aunt Freda lost her house in the Mannford fire. She also lost her husband to cancer a few months ago. I've been following her on facebook and I keep seeing her say, "It's just stuff." When she started to evacuate, she got what she could in her car, but her dog would not get in the car. After her house burned down and she finally got back into the neighborhood, her dog was laying where her porch used to be just waiting for her, in good condition - just dirty. Anyway, I've got a list in my head of the women who are like lionesses, or warriors. Freda is on that list, along with Cindy and Kristi. Denise. Mom, Manda, Ange, and Al. I hope to be strong one day, and depend on Jesus like they do... until then I'll have meltdowns over lost wedding rings and you lionesses can hug me and rub my back.

Charlotte is like a lioness, but in a different way (just when she stalks squirrels). This morning I was feeling ballsy, so I left her in the back yard while I went to yoga. From the time I left, I figured Tyler would be back within 15 minutes from the gym. Char hasn't jumped the fence in a good year, but I didn't know if she would think we left her if she saw both of our cars gone. The whole time during yoga I was picturing getting home to my crying husband and either disappeared or dead dog, and the months of guilt. I was stressed, started to get pissed in a certain pose, then I just told myself that for 45 minutes I would not worry about it. It worked. My dog is alive, my husband loves me even though I'm not as responsible as he is.

I'm going to read a book about managing called Hug Your People.


  1. Thank you. Some days, I don't feel strong or like a warrior but thank you. Glad you found your ring. Love you.

  2. Oh Shannon, thanks for calling me a lioness. I'm not so strong. You are awesome though. So glad you found your ring and that you're surrounded by people who care for you. Let me know if Hug Your People would be a good book for a mom to read. Love you so much.