Saturday, September 21, 2013

Driving home from Kentucky

Well, Wednesday was my last day of work. It was sweet. I taught a great group of people some yoga that night, and came home to watch an episode of Boardwalk Empire... Only to discover we don't like that show anymore. Which is fine. It's vile. 

I dream of not having a TV. But then I think of Tyler's friends coming over and not being able to watch a game. And sometimes numb unwinding is needed? I don't know if that's true. Hence my question mark. 

Anyway, we left Thursday morning for Kentucky. Tyler's Granny passed away and the viewing was Thursday evening. She wore the same teal, sweater dress that she got married in. Classy is almost a disrespectful way to describe her. She was so much more than that. Probably the best host ever. I told Tyler yesterday that if she ever did get angry, it only could have been righteous anger. We laughed about that, but I think it's true. She was such a sneaky card player. So prim and sweet during the game, and then BAM. She'd win, without a smirk. And act like "well, how did that happen?" Tyler's mom told me she got awards for drama in high school. Most of all, she loved Tyler and I a lot. It meant a lot to me to be accepted into the family by her when things were not so easy at the time of our marriage with the rest of his family. She would let us lay in her bed at night and talk with her. She battled cancer for 28 years, but you'd only guess that from her many stylish wigs :) we love her and will miss her. 

This morning we planned to wake upand leave around 9. But I knew this would happen. I knew Tyler would wake up at 6 and say "Shanny! Let's go!" He calls me Shanny when he's hyper and crazy. So we left before his family woke up. Now we are driving. 

Side note: as we sat in the funeral and the casket was closed, my baby was kicking, and Brittany was holding baby Landon next to me, my brain and heart were happy to be reminded about life and death. It's everywhere. But it felt so final to look at the clay in the ground under the casket. Almost a sense of panic in my chest, like "no, Granny cannot go in there! She was too good of a lady!" But then the gentle reminder came that the man Jesus Christ laid death in his grave. Death is not forever. And if it is, what's our purpose here? Let's just do crack. Like, if the end goal is to just be good... WHY. 

Death is a sad, but good reminder of life. 

We're heading home to hug our poor dogs, which I pray will never have to be kenneled as much as they have this weekend. Also, I have a list in my head. On that list is a great point to remember -McDonalds makes me feel like poop. 

My friend Kristi was diagnosed with a tumor in her head. Please pray for her. She is a lioness, and I swear strong people get tested the most. My first response was heart break, and then the overwhelming feeling that she will beat it. I have no doubts about it. But still, it's another reminder that things aren't the way they're supposed to be. And one day bodies will be clean and healthy. 
Send some baby names our way. 


  1. I tried to get spencer to let me use the name Winston but he wouldn't do it ;) I also like forest or Harrison or anything pretentious ;)

    1. haha! I know a Winston who is very meek.

  2. Yes you should keep your TV. Once you have a baby you might want some TV time just so you don't feel alone all day long.
    I liked what you said about death reminding us of life. Death no longer has mastery over us.