Monday, September 23, 2013

Stay-at-home Monday

I made a list last night. I've spray painted some outlet covers, and a knife block. I told someone from my Community Group how crafty and pinteresty I was feeling and she said, "But you don't have that much time." And I thought, "Ah! DO NOT speak the truth to me!" I have 13 weeks until this baby is due. It's enough time to take on some minor decorating/crafting, but you will not catch me sanding or reupholstering.

I organized our kitchen cabinets so that they would actually look pretty if I took the cabinet doors off. The same person who told me I didn't have enough time told me I would have to fill the screw holes, paint over them, and sand something. My heart fell, but honestly, she saved me at least a half hour (the amount of time it would take to realize it was a terrible idea) and maybe a couple of curse words (save those for later).

My schedule is oddly full. Haven't quite hit the third trimester, but it's starting to get less fun. Just a little. I don't say this out loud to anyone, because I know I'm not huge, but I feel huge. Getting off the couch is a big show of grunts, rolling over in bed is painful sometimes. I fart all the time and Tyler is disgusted, but I don't care. Boys are way disgusting. I am allowed to be disgusting a little bit. Being pregnant is like turning into a Mama Bear. It's beautiful in a wild animal type of way, but if you're looking for prim and hot, look away.

My fear: I'll stay on this couch all day. I won't. I know I won't, but I have such a hard time leaving the house sometimes. I even have a grocery list! I loathe going to the store alone. Mostly because I am indecisive. But I'm going to start fresh and do things today.

Starting now.


  1. You will not sit on the couch all day...I don't see you doing that. But if you did, that would be okay. :) allow yourself a daily nap though. That way your body is in nap taking mode when baby comes. 13 weeks.... so dang excited!

    1. I totally took a nap, but I got stuff done too :) I'm freaking out!

  2. Oh Shannon you have time! My baby room wasn't even done until I had like 3 weeks left, which wasn't ideal, but still. And yes, take a daily nap. You're going to get way more tired in your third trimester. Just pace yourself. I usually exercise before I go to the grocery store then I'm less stressed about it for some reason.