Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Well, friends. Guess what.

I quit my job. Sharing details doesn't feel good, or right. I will just say that had I stayed until Thanksgiving and kept working my behind off, I couldn't have left on a good note because of the toxic atmosphere that I work in. I think we can all think of a place where grown ups act like very mean, immature children on a playground, and lie, and throw rocks. I don't want to leave anyone with that yucky feeling in their belly, so I will leave it at that.

Yesterday I came home from work, shared more drama with Tyler, and said "All day, I dreamed of quitting my job and subbing as many yoga classes as possible." He responded, "Do it," with the most firm face I have ever seen on him. He said he was so angry, and that he didn't like people treating me this way. It made him want to fight... and then he asked when my boss would be in the store next. Haha. Then we prayed for my boss before dinner. No one is going to fight.

Tyler helped my write my short and sweet letter of resignation and made me hit the send button. Once it was done, my organs stopped jittering. We watched Madmen, I relaxed on the couch like I haven't done in weeks. My mind is free. I slept without worrying. I got a response this morning that said, "Thank you for your email." So it's done. I haven't told anyone else in my company, and don't really plan to.

One of the things I said to my boss originally before all this stuff went down was that it was my intention to work through Thanksgiving and leave on a positive note, unlike any other manager has ever done since I've been with the company. Truly. Even if they left on a "goot note," as soon as they were gone their name got shat on. So at this point, I quietly walk away. My name will soon be Shannon Shitty Wheeler at that company, but I still feel like I'm in a better position. Even with the new middle name.

It's so strange. I really have experienced this type of situation several times, and it always leads to huge change. Different stages of my life are darkened with this story. My parents would never let me quit something. Or, if I did, I had better have a good reason and walk away with a clear conscience. I am. And every dark story like this has a bright ending/new beginning of change and growth.

On an even brighter note, before all of this came about I was thinking about my next job (the one after raising a kid). I have thought to myself recently that I will never do something for the money. Not that running a shoe store is really rolling in it, but going forward I will only do what I love, agree with, and am passionate about. Sure, in college it's like OMG WE HAVE TO EAT. It feels kind of like that now. Tyler was looking at our budget spreadsheet last night like he was about to cry. Then he started looking for a small place to rent for us so we could rent out this house! At that point I started laughing. He's cute. We're not moving.

I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my sweet baby and explore my next step. This time in my life is so INTERESTING. I use that word way too often. It has 1,000 meanings for me. Tyler said, "What are you going to do with your time?" I said, "Oh, gosh, I'm going to teach so much yoga, keep our house clean, start cooking dinner, read books... maybe become a doctor."

It feels like the last day of school. Yesterday afternoon I really thought, "I can't do this one more day," and God said, "I know, sweet girl."

And, here are some pictures from our Kentucky trip to see Granny.

Brittany holding her boy Landon, and Katie (Tyler's cousin-in-law) holding Harper Kate. And me, holding a lot of BBQ and sweet tea. 

the whole gang - Scott is Olivia's (Tyler's little sister) boyfriend, and Gracie is the dog. Tyler's dad is in love with that dog like I'm in love with Charlotte. Tyler and I, Brittany (Tyler's older sister) and her husband Dustin. Cousin Korey Beth (We call her Korney Beth), Jodi and is wife Katie. 

That's it. I'm a stay at home pregnant lady (starting September 18th). 


  1. Gosh Shannon, I am sorry and I am so happy for you. You will love being a stay at home pregnant lady and a stay at home mom. Its the best thing I've ever done. I'm sorry you had to leave them on such a lousy note. Sometimes thats all you can do. Love you, sweet sister!

  2. Hey! I'm just catching up on your last few blogs.
    I recently decided I'm going to the CCEF conference in Frisco this year (with a few people in my church). October 11-13.
    In case you don't know anything about CCEF or their conference:
    Just in case you're interested... :)

  3. I texted you about this post already, but I forgot to say how amazingly out and cute your belly is. I can't believe how fast this baby seems to be growing. And we'll see you soon, and I'm so so excited.