Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What is next...

Two years ago I was attending a class at Connections to Success (where I did my college internship) called WIN (which stood for What Is Next?). It was a very diverse group of people - some convicted felons, some fresh out of prison, some struggling moms just looking for a place to gain skills, people on disability, me, high school dropouts, people with degrees, people living out of their cars, etc. Every Monday we would "check in" and talk about What Is Next. I wrote down goals I didn't know that I had. During that time is when I became a Store Manager. I shared my frustration with the group about being an Assistant Manager and getting paid to be an Assistant Manager, while I was actually running the store. In the group, we can ask for or decline feedback. I asked for it. People said, "why don't you express this frustration to your boss?" So I did the next morning. By that afternoon I had a dollar amount written on a piece of paper handed to me, mafia style. What can I say, my boss was freaking weird.

Also in WIN, I wrote down that I wanted to be a yoga teacher. A year later I was in training.

If we express our expectations and our hopes, it's like "whoa, I'm doing it."

So last night, after two years of being out of contact with most people at Connections, I went back. I thought the group facilitator was going to cry or fall out of his chair. I shared my short story with the group. The facilitator was pumped to see someone come back as proof that "it worked."

Prayer also works. I blogged about the Racial Reconcilitation discussion we went to a few weeks ago. The speaker said "pray for opportunity." Well, here I am in the midst of a homeless guy who walked in off the street because "he was tired of walking," a woman struggling to keeps her lights on, a Social Worker who was in prison for 12 years, someone else who wanted to take their life until they found community at Connections, etc. Such a diverse group again, different races, and all with stories that really put things into perspective for me.

What's even cooler is that I used to view attending this group as a volunteer thing, like "I don't have these problems, I'm just here to help these lesser peoples." I would have never said that, but I certainly felt superior. It's like a support group though, for anyone. It's the weirdest thing I've ever done - seriously.

One of the things we talked about was our "mantra." What if someone walked up to you and said, "What's your Mantra?" and you had to give an answer? It's weird. I said, "Love God, love others, and be willing to accept love from both... it starts with the 3rd thing.... is that a mantra?" Before that moment, I did not have a mantra. But that's kind of where my head is right now.

Anyway, it's good stuff. I'm excited for the way my brain got stirred last night. I need it. Tyler came home from class and said, "You look happy." I love hearing people say that. I've heard it a lot lately.

Day two of being a stay-at-home pregnant lady started off with a lovely yoga class, coffee with my yoga friend Angie, and soon lunch with my mother-in-law and Brittany. I'm making acorn squash tonight.

Please keep praying for my friend Kristi, and her family.

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  1. shan. i want to come with you to your support group WIN thing, please.
    i have been wondering "what's next" lately so it seems appropriate.
    why is MO so far away...