Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Alisha, thank you. I got my dress at Old Navy for $7. Allison picked it out. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it. I'm a terrible clearance digger, and I stupidly thought that wrap dresses aren't flattering. Allison says otherwise, and she is always right.

Amanda, thanks. You don't need to boost me all the time (but sometimes). And it's not your fault. I read an article about documenting things, and realizing that I've already forgotten things from my childhood... and I'm already twenty-five... made me think I need to document more. I don't have time though, and who wants to read that? So I'd start to blog and be like, "this is stupid."

Time. Where does that blasted thing go? I am 25. The age that I used to think meant you had a degree and knew most things and had babies. I am one for three. I have learned some though.

I always regret the self-checkout line, I won't cut my hair short again, and if you're not sure then just be quiet. No one needs to know everything that pops into your head. Ask people what their story is, even if they might think it's weird question. Don't drink coffee mindlessly. Savor sips and bites. If you think someone doesn't like you, cry your tears and keep loving them.

I've been reading the bible in the morning. It makes me turn the radio off in the car and listen to my brain. Otherwise, I'm hearing "The Hot Hollywood Buttered Nugget" in the background and my concern is about Lindsey Lohan's bills. 

It's nice sitting across from my sweet husband who prays before our meals and helps soften my crusty heart. Sipping the coffee, reading N.T. Wright's thoughts on Matthew, and our pups battling it out under our chairs.

So you should listen to Page CXVI. They're awesome.

We like to do this at night, before human bed time. The giant paw to your left is Rusty's. It really is giant. 

this is a picture of me and my sweet friend in partner yoga. This is right after I exclaimed, "What is wrong with me?!?!" She's got really tiny, cute hands. We're not the best partner-yoga couple. 

That's me flying, and likely eye-gazing. It's kind of scary. 

My 25 year old goal is to be mindful. 


  1. for the record if i looked that good doing yoga i would probably hold off on the baby too ;) I'm pretty sure right now I look ridiculous!! :)

  2. My husband is reading As Far as the Curse is Found too! I think it's a requirement for an online class he's taking.