Friday, February 22, 2013

Yesterday we took a trip to Jimmy Johns for a sandwich. They were closed because of the storm. So we decided to go to IGA because their food is amazing. So I had breakfast and lunch from them. Anyway, we ended up pushing the lady's car through an intersection. Tyler tried by himself, but he needed my help :) we picked up a pack of PBR and went to the Summer's house. We watched The Business of Being Born. Tyler definitely cried. Not sure if it was because of the miracle of life, or if he was reliving 8th grade Sex Ed movie, The Miracle of Life.

We went to dinner at The Pine Room, which is always a mistake.
Then we watched Argo. That movie stressed me out, but I'm a better person for it.

This morning my brother text messaged me to say he missed his flight. It reminded me of the time I missed my flight to go home, which ruined a date with Kristi Bowers and my mom was sad. I was so sad. beyond sadness. Nothing could pull me out. My face was stuck sad. Over a couple of hours! Those were dark days. So Zach gets in at 11pm tonight. Which only means we will be partying very late.

I think I will let my friend take me to coffee. And continue to thoroughly enjoy the rest of this weekend. Oh here's some pics.


  1. Ha! I just noticed "No Balls Russell".
    We've been watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. Talk about stressful. We're on season 2. I'm always trembling by the end of the episode. So Fun!

  2. Mint finger nails, cute puppies, and grown men that still look like little boys. Love it all.