Sunday, February 17, 2013

issues with writing

I've been having issues with writing. I read other people's blogs and love them, I get a little twinge to write, I open up the blog, and I'm like "Barf, this is terrible. No one wants to read this crap." So I close the computer, and now I have about 12 drafts just sittin' with two sentences written.

This has happened ever since I read that we should document everything... and especially ever since I watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which everyone should watch/read. We watched it on Valentine's and near the end where there's a little twist, I was nearly gag-crying. Very romantic. Anyway, the kid wants to be a writer and he's writing letters/a book during the movie.

I follow Ann Lamott on Twitter (except that I gave it up for Lent), where she gives her rules for writing. I've read Bird by Bird. I don't follow any rules. I'm not a writer, but I guess I want to be.

One night I had a glass of wine and I started writing a book in my head. I'll not do that again.

Last night was our friend's wedding. We go to church with Jodi and her husband works at my store. They're pretty sweet, and my Tyler (Jodi's now-husband's name is Tyler as well) has been meeting with Jodi's Tyler for coffee and things since he moved here from Colorado. I have a sweet husband. So, my Tyler was in the wedding, which was cool.
I did not get a picture with the bride, but I did get one with this hottie. She is tall and fierce and she dominated the dance floor. She said she realized last night that I never dance. In 6 years of knowing each other, I have not danced.... EXCEPT, for Hannah and David's wedding when I had a fair amount to drink and my signature move was stomp dancing. My feet were bruised for a few days. I'll not do that again. 

My sweet man

And Lauren with bangs. I was in her wedding almost a year ago. She's pretty cool, except when she lifts me off of a chair to take me to the dance floor and shows my behind to the room. Maybe that didn't happen, but it at least almost happened. She is the craziest dancer ever. It's like a demon takes over her body and she's not longer Lauren. 

I took a partner yoga class before the wedding. I was partners with the girl in the peace sign shirt. We did a lot of staring into each other's eyes, but we also did some crazy things! Picture doing airplane as a kid, but with way more skill and technique. 

This picture was taken at the end of Yogapalooza, 30 days of yoga in January. I didn't do it, but I taught it and it was really cool to watch people's practice totally transform. Do anything for 30 days and it will change you. 

Also, at the Partner Yoga (offically called Acro-Yoga) we had to say what was currently in our treasure chest that we would like to share, and something new we would like to put into our treasure chest. Anyway, I was racking my brain with what to say. I don't know what the crap is in my treasure chest. Coffee? I said hard work was in my treasure chest, but that I wanted to put some fun - the ability to fail at something and still have a good time. It took me four times to get up into bird.

after saying, "what is wrong with me?!" I was like, oh yeah. It's okay. Then I got up there. It's terrifying to trust someone. 

Lastly, here is my normal morning. 

If you don't love that, your soul might be black. I'm singing this morning, so I need to go get ready. I will be 25 in a few days. My mom, dad, and brother are coming to visit. The following weekend my Lacy and Dustin are coming to visit, and I'm having a birthday party. Lots to look forward to, lots to look back at. 


  1. I love the way you write. It's unique and awesome, like you. I always think, "Shannon's so cool, I wish I could write like her." Please don't stop!
    I also love that green dress. Where did you get it? So beautiful.

  2. Shannon, is this my fault? I was more speaking to Al with her kids. Cause they grow up fast.
    Just keep doing the awesome thing you always do. I LOVE the way you write. I have to hold myself back from commenting "You are so awesome and hilarious." Every time I read your blog. But maybe I should just spill over all the honest feelings of how great I think you are. You're Great! Your humor makes me say "wow". Your honesty makes me say, "thank you!" I'm proud and happy to read your mind/heart.