Thursday, February 21, 2013

The best birthday yet

You guys, today is Thursday the 21st. It's not my birthday. Tomorrow is (and George Washington's, God rest his soul). I got up at 5:40 this morning and Tyler and I went to yoga. I picked up one of my employees for work, since today is supposed to be a wintry mix of snowy/icy death. We went to IGA where I got a breakfast sandwich (sausage, egg, and cheese... the real kind, like homemade), a cup of hazelnut coffee... and a blueberry fritter!! Ah, but I was starting my celebration early. I went through the grocery store line of people preparing for the Apocalypse, I gave the lady my coffee punch card, and lo' and behold it was my free coffee! I exclaimed, "It's my birthday!" She wasn't really amused, "Oh? Well, happy birthday." I quietly mumbled that I loved birthday surprises and went to my car.

On the way to work, my employee noticed that a sticker on the window of a van said, "I'm only speeding because I have to poop really bad." It made my day. I want to know that person, but not really well.

A couple of things freaked me out today. 1) the Carbon Monoxide detector started going off this morning. But then it started beeping the "malfunction" noise, and Tyler asked me if we were going to die. I said I didn't know, and unplugged it. When I came home the dogs were still alive, so I think I'm okay. 2) People act like this snow storm is the end of the world. There is a very eerie darkness to it. But I will say that as the sleet hits hard on my roof, it's like the sound of silence. Somehow it mutes the noise of the everything. All you hear is sleet... and puppies fighting in the background. It's beautiful.

It reminds me of my 17th birthday when my brother took me to The Bookmill in Massachusetts. A few feet of snow on the ground, full moon, 11:30 at night, and an old mill made into a book store/coffee shop. The stream was rushing through the mill. I got hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie, which I asked them to microwave and then proceeded to drip chocolate chip on my white ski coat. You could hear the silence outside, and it was like magic. My brother says so too. I think I've mentioned this magical place before. Excuse my repetition.

3) Politics. I have a political activist at my store who tells me about the economy, drones, oil, jobs, housing, small businesses, taxes... I feel like I need to hide in a bunker, lest I be shot by a drone!

Between all these scary things, I had a feeling I would die sometime today. The day before my 25th birthday. They would say, "Ah, she hadn't quite matured yet, but she was funny sometimes. She was good at yoga, but drank too much beer. God rest her soul. Died on George Washington's birthday. Her husband is very handsome."

I did go into work this morning, but then my boss called and said, "You know those big, orange... uh, MODOT, Missouri Department of... services.. Uh, the big salt trucks. They're orange. They throw salt." I had said "yes" at least seven times by now. "Well, it's snowing and they're out now. Close up shop." We open at 9:30. It's was 9:40. Sometimes I just have to choose not to think or dwell on anything and just be glad I was forced to take a day off. Four day weekend, yes please.

Last night I taught two classes - basics and college night, which is more intermediate I guess. I had a couple of people come up to me and very specifically tell me what a great class it was. I felt good about it. The second class is weirder. The energy is weird, because college kids are weird. They're too cool, or maybe I just think they are. Regardless, the energy is weird in the room. I was a little more insecure. I told everyone to twist the wrong way in a pose. Tyler looked at me with a panic face like, "You're teaching it wrong!" so I had them hold it for about 7 seconds, then told them to twist to the other side. Everyone who had done yoga before was looking at me like, "What?" I started laughing and said, "Hey, just trying to challenge your balance a little bit." So we did the wrong thing again on the other side. It felt good to laugh at myself, and say "Hey, I'm the teacher. I can tell you to lick your elbow if I want." But I didn't really do that.

Whether I live or die today, please know that I feel like the most blessed woman-girl alive. Drones, snow, carbon monoxide. I have the sweetest husband. I would use all caps on the word sweetest, but I don't like that. He's just incredible. I love him so much. I stare at my pups and laugh all the time. I can't wait to do that with our babies. And I have the best friends of all time. Ok. ALL TIME. I feel so honored that my brother will hop on a plane and my parents will drive six hours in the snow to see me on my birthday. I'm so spoiled and thankful. I have the coolest sisters.

Lastly, I'll tell you that A Fine Frenzy has a new CD called Pines, and it's perfect for this weather. You should also listen to the song To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra. I used to for shavasana last night and everyone loved it. Peaceful stuff.

that's it. Happy Birthday to me.


  1. MODOT - Missouri Department of Transportation :) Your welcome. happy day before your birthday. I'm so Happy you get to celebrate with part of your family. We'll miss you. When I turned 25 I thought, I'm a lot closer to 30 than I am to a teenager now. You're a real adult with a real job and a real house. You'll have real babies soon enough. Enjoy your puppies. Pre-baby memories are probably nice. I don't have many of those. You should make a few more ... and document them :)

  2. Oh Shannon, you make me laugh more than anyone. Hi-larious. I just want to give you some alcohol and listen to you talk for my birthday. And for your birthday, I hope it's just wonderful in the snow, with your family.
    Love you!