Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I had a great birthday weekend. It felt so good to wake up to the heat blasting, my brother asleep on my living room floor, pups howling to be let out to play and running up and down the stairs, pregnant ange and bobby boy, my mom and dad, coffee. Fellowship. If the world ever starts to end and my family needs a place to live, I'd love for them to all live in my house. What fun. It's like camping. But they'd probably live at mom and dad's... oh, too much thought into this.

We ate at Modesto, a tapas restaurant. It was amazing. Mom, ange, Zach, me, and Tyler went to yoga on Saturday morning. It was fantastic. But poor Ange in Cobra Pose... belly doesn't want to be on the floor. It's cute.

I started The Aztec Diet, kind of. It focuses on chia seeds because they keep you full, and they have more protein than meat and more fiber than... Things with fiber. I was so full yesterday. I had a smoothie that lasted me from breakfast through the afternoon, I had an orange, an avocado, and then some quinoa after yoga in the pm. For me personally, when I'm full I do not want orange crackers or Mountain Dew. Also, I had so much energy. When I make a schedule at work I feel sluggish and want to go to sleep, because scheduling is a brain suck. I made two yesterday and realized last night the energy I had all day. And slept great.

The kids ad Modesto. Zach. Cool ZAC.

More kids at Modesto.

This is just the Wheeler Kids and the Ramey kids at Zia's on The Hill. What fun. 

The girl behind dad kept making eye contact with me. Thanks, shoulder angel. See, Ramey kids.

A shot of my caramel latte on my bday... what a good day.

just us two at Modesto. It was an enjoyable night. We all party hard. 

Today lots of good things happened. Today is Tuesday the 26th. I added these pictures to this post on Sunday I think. I ordered Elena Brower's book The Art of Attention, which will be here tomorrow. I borrowed a book from Zach, Relax and Win. It tells you how to fall asleep in three minutes. And of course, I'm reading the Aztec Diet. 

I watched a video by Elena Brower, and I'm going to sort of use it for one of my yoga classes. At work, I keep hearing people exclaim, "Oh! Of course we don't have the size!" as they look for a shoe for a customer. Or, myself... "my back hurts... my back hurts... Tyler, my back hurts." If you don't want to watch, FYI it's only a minute and 8 seconds long, she has "Mindful Smacks" occasionally. This one is about stopping complaining and saying "can I change this? and if I can, what can I do besides complain about it?" or that's what I take from it. I like it. It hit me. 

This morning in yoga (today is Blue Bird Yoga's 2nd birthday) I did a pose I've never fully done before. Two years, and I finally did it. It was emotional. Like when I had lock-jaw in high school and it came out in the middle of volleyball practice and no one cared... so I cried for joy alone. That is what happened today. No, literally I teared up on my mat. I've been doing this shit for two years, and finally I am noticing... because I'm paying attention... that I can do things I haven never done before.... like not out of pure flexibility, or muscle, but because I've been trying. Like this guy... watch it. 

Then one of my employee's got 100% Secret Shopper report. A customer wrote a blog post about me (a positive one, about how I made her feel respected, so she respected herself - she's lost 130 lbs!), and more great things happened at work. I finished up the day with the Shead's at Trailhead. Now, just waiting for my man to get home. 

I teach a class in a town nearby on Thursday morning for 6 ladies. I hope it goes well. I will likely be teaching there this Summer. We shall see...



  1. Shannon that is so exciting about the secret shoppers report!! Of course you made her feel respected. Good job. :)
    Shoulder angel cracked me up.
    And I loved staying in your house for your birthday weekend! Thanks for being such great hosts. :) I love your house and your pups.

  2. Ha, shoulder angel. :)
    Wow, great job being respectful. That's awesome.
    The Art of Attention sounds great. I guess we can't get it on Kindle?
    I like your long hair. I have about 10" to go before I'm there, but I'm truckin along.
    I'm about to start Zaztec!

  3. I need to buy chia seeds. Totally awesome for the girl to lose 130 lbs! That's a whole person! Incredible achievement.