Friday, March 1, 2013

It's still snowing, but only supposed to get a half inch today. I need some sunshine.

I taught seven ladies yesterday at The Academy of Dance. It was interesting. Always difficult when you're not on your own turf. Fluorescent lights that hum. Enya. Tumbling mats instead of yoga mats. And so on. People are terrified of what they don't know. Comfort is so damn comfy. And when comfort gets taken away, there's blame... which comes in the form of people thinking you're the devil if you said "right leg" instead of "left leg." It happens sometimes. Or mean looks.

Tyler just said the nicest thing to me, I think. "I love it when I hate a song, and then I hear you sing it and I start liking it. Like that Will I Am song." Reminds me of when we were dating and I was worried about singing in the car. Or that I always wore a ponytail holder on my wrist to cover up a mole... that occasionally a black hair grows out of. I called it my witch mole. I thought my hands were ugly. All these little things that only add to a person. Oh, my. He just called me an optimist. I love it when people see things in you that you don't see in yourself. It's nice.

Charlotte just ate a cookie off a cookie sheet. Tyler said, "I think one of the dogs got a cookie." I yelled from the other room, "It wasn't me! I promise! I thought about it, but I didn't do it!" It felt weird to be defending myself from Charlotte. Because it is weird.

Well. I need to tell my brain that I'm going to work, because it thinks I'm staying home and blogging all day.

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  1. I subbed a body sculpt class yesterday. Subs are rarely welcome.