Thursday, March 14, 2013

Breakfast for dinner

Last night, Tyler started convulsing in the middle of the night. Don't worry. Keep reading. I thought he was crying... but he was laughing. He was laughing so hard. I knew he was asleep, so I tried to act like I was talking to a baby... likely how my parents spoke to me when I slept walked all the time. I said, "Babe, you're so silly. Why are you laughing?" He, between gasps of laughs, said "I just have the giggles." Then I asked him to tell me what he was laughing about. He said, "Hahaha... haa.. hehe, ohhh.. can I just explain later?" I told him he wouldn't remember later. And he doesn't. He just kept saying he had the giggles. The laughter happened several times throughout the night. I want to dream like that.

Here's the freak in headstand. What a cutie. 

I bought a bigger collar and leash for my pup. I hadn't had a chance to try it yet. I had no idea what a piece of crap he would be on the leash. 

He does not budge. It is so cute though.

I slept horribly last night. I think because I had some lemon ginger ice cream right before bed. I couldn't stop thinking about high school and college - the bad parts of it. It was a depressing night. I have, since then, sworn off ice cream. I even thought/prayed the Serenity Prayer. Sometimes it's all I can do. And think to myself, "God loves me, and so do a few other people."

Oh, we had breakfast for dinner. It was life changing.  


  1. Ha! Rusty.

    The giggle story is hilarious. I can't imagine Nathan having the giggles.

    I had a terrible dream the other night. It was a combination of Walking Dead and the book I'm reading with skin changers. So, I thought I was drawing a saw across a zombie's neck, but all the sudden, it was Ange, and I killed her. I mean, terrible. Why would I dream that?! I stayed awake for hours after that.

  2. Amanda! That is quite disturbing.

    Bob probably laughs at least once a week in his sleep. Silly, happy husbands I guess.