Monday, March 4, 2013

Party is over

Good evening... I write to you from my warm red couch with a pile of blankets on it, after going to bed the last two nights at 12:30 am and 2:30 am.

Friday night Tyler had a work party at Demo-Ball. You ride around in go-carts/bumper cars and essentially play basketball (in that there are baskets at each end of the court) and use Lacrosse rackets (?) to throw wiffel ball around until you hit the backboard or make it go into the basket. I only played one game, and then I talked with the boss's wife a bit... it was a small dash of fun, but/and I'm glad to have met all the people from his office.

The Stewarts got into town shortly after. We stayed up sipping Manhattans and laughing a lot. I miss them.

We went to Benton Park Cafe after yoga the next morning. It was a good time.

Dustin is good at taking photos. 

and being in them. 

I like it when my friends take pictures of themselves and put it as my background and screen saver.

Beer and cheesecake, Sunday afternoon cleanse. I love having friends that are like sisters. 

Allison got me a coffee mug that says "Coffee Makes Me Poop," and Lacy crocheted me a koozie for my coffee mug. It's brown with a button. People brought me wine... and whiskey. And starbucks cards. I couldn't believe it.

So the party really is over now. I'm 25. That's my weekend. You're welcome, Manda. 

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  1. :) THanks.
    I'm so glad you have good friends and they got to come celebrate with you. That's so fun.