Saturday, March 16, 2013

I worked a lot this week, and thought maybe I'd leave early today if we were slow. Well. We didn't slow down a single bit from 10 am until 5:30. I started helping someone at 5:25. We locked the door at 5:30 and I continued helping them and sent everyone home. A lady comes to the door at 5:45 and starts yelling "CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" over and over. I excused myself from my customers and opened the door to talk to her. She yells at me, "IT'S 5 O'CLOCK!" I said, "Actually, it's 5:45. We closed fifteen minutes ago and I'm the only one here." It turned out that one employee was still in the store, and she got taken care of. But I wanted to say, "Lady, do not yell at me that it's 5 o'clock."

It was a good day though. A vendor dropped off a case Of Nawgan (?) so I felt smart and hyper all day.

Customer service really shows you a clear picture of the depravity of man - in yourself and the way you treat people, and in the crazies that you are serving.

The end.

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  1. Shannon, you're going to be a great mom, because you have crazy people telling you it's 5 o'clock when it's not 5 o'clock. I'm sure customer service is a lot like motherhood. With depravity and serving and all.

    I'm afraid I don't know what Of Nawgan is.