Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day Timing

When I was growing up, my mom had this massive "Day Timer." She wrote everything in that thing. My stuff too. I would think, "Why do you need to know when I have choir practice?!" or something... I'm pretty sure she never wrote choir practice down. But lately I've been wishing I had a day timer. A place for every compartment of my life. It's getting busy, and there's only 2 of us. So I guess with 7, one will find a reason to write it all down to feel, in the least, like they have some sort of control. I feel that need.

In other news, there is this seasonal tea from Trader Joe's. It's Vanilla Cinnamon Black Tea. There is a lemur drinking tea on the box. The tea smells so good, you would think it would taste equally as tasty... it doesn't, but it's still really good. The smell is so comforting. Everyone, expect to get a box at Christmas. I stocked up and got the last four boxes... at a discounted price even! Because I mentioned to them that I found a piece of plastic in my sushi the day before. Their sushi is absolutely horrible. So anyway. The tea is good. 

I'm in love with my dogs. And Tyler. Spring is here. All this rain will make everything green. And then we can wear shorts and go to sleep when the sun is setting.   

We took care of 4-year-olds this morning at church. Here are some memorable lines from kids:
"Well... but, God has a really boring job."

I told a kid to draw a picture of his favorite things. He wrote:
Poooooppeeee Buchex 

Translation: poop, pee, butt cheeks. 

But then there are kids that say really sweet things, and sometimes they can even be deep on accident. I like that age. 

We're going to go Fondue with our community group now. 

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  1. I just bought a day timer-ish calendar book. It was on the clearance aisle at Target and it was pretty. We always use google calendar, and it's handy when I can pull it up on my phone, but I just love paper and pen, and the fact that it's gold with pretty colored tabs.
    Thanks for the tea. :)