Tuesday, March 12, 2013

sink holes, puppies, yoga. starbucks.

I was in the Starbucks drive thru. I'm new to this stuff, and drive thrus make me nervous. I don't know if I should say a double, or two shots, or if they already put two shots in. After I ordered, I couldn't remember of I said soy or not. Or Carmel or vanilla. Or two shots or an extra shot. I couldn't find my gift card.

Anyway, I found my gift card in the nick of time (?) and then the guy is like "the woman in front of you paid for your drink." I was like "no way!" And pulled off. Then I realized I didn't stick with the cool Starbucks thing and pay for the person behind me.

Drive thrus. They make me nervous.

Ol' Rust likes to follow me to the bathroom upstairs every morning. It's pretty sweet. He climbs stairs like a dummy. I love it. 

I've been working on side crow

it burns the IT bands for sure

Yesterday I blogged this, but it didn't post. But then Amanda left a comment on my draft? I'm confused. Regardless. 

I'm off work today. I made a list of things to do. That helps me. 

I've read a few stories about sink holes. A guy in Florida died when he fell into one that was under his house. A guy here in Creve Coeur fell into one on a golf course - 18 feet deep! Ah! He lived though. 

I have a work conference call, and breakfast with Allison in a bit. I like days off. 

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  1. Aw, Rusty is getting so big.
    Wow, it seems like paying it forward in the Starbucks drive-through is just the thing to do these days. Nice, of course.
    Ah, I cannot even ungracefully get myself into that position. Good job.