Tuesday, March 26, 2013

so much things to say

Tyler and I watch a lot of movies. We put a lot of effort into what movie we will watch. When it turns out to be a bad one, it's equal to just wasting 2 hours of time. Bummer. We watched "Take this Waltz" the other night. Don't watch it. We stopped it halfway through. One the back of the movie case it should say, "This movie is about a really dumb affair." My friend said I should do movie reviews.

Movies I have enjoyed lately: Life of Pi, 180 Degrees South (documentary), Zero Dark Thirty, The Giant Mechanical Man, and... if I think of more I'll let you know. Oh, Pitch Perfect is definitely entertaining, but not life changing.

A girl I know through my cousin, and several other walks of life, just started blogging again. I had just started a post about needing new books to read. I go to her blog and she's got a list! So I started reading an autobiography about Nellie Bly. She faked crazy to go into an insane asylum, and then she traveled around the world in seventy something days.

This morning I looked both ways before driving through a street, but some snow blocked my view. I pulled through and this jeep got close to hitting me. They honked for a long time and stared at me as I drove away. I so much wanted to work things out. Like, hey person. I know it's a cold Tuesday morning, but did you see there was a huge pile of snow and a parked car obstructing my view? I apologize, but can you please be nice to me?

I have a conference call in a few minutes. I hate taking conference calls at home because I feel all relaxed and I'm drinking coffee. I want to be like, hey guys, I'm wearing yoga pants and a big flannel shirt. My coffee mug says "coffee makes me poop," on it. And I want to tell them how cute my puppies are, snuggled on their bed.

If I stop moving, I will die. I take three days off of yoga and I can hardly move. I have to keep moving. If I stop moving my bones will fuse together and I'll snap into pieces. Just some cold facts for you.

Also, I drank some psyllium yesterday. It is hard to swallow. It's little husks that you put in water. They can swell to ten times their size, so you have to drink it almost immediately. If there isn't enough water in it, you can choke or it can clog your colon. But I drank enough water. I know this, because it makes the best poo. You've got to try it. It's like draino for your colon.

I have an oil change at 10:30, and my bumper is kind of hanging off from when I drove over some snow yesterday. I didn't even know it until somoene at work told me.

I think I want bangs. I'm bored. But my bang cutter is so far from here.

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