Sunday, February 3, 2013

I'm blogging from my phone because Tyler is watching his beloved Deadwood on the computer. This show is so vile. But I made a cup of coffee and sipped it, and small smile spread across my face. Then I got that blog feeling. So here I am getting carpal tunnel.

There is an inch of snow on the ground. Work was very busy yesterday. We helped customers nonstop from lunch until after 5:30. This is normal during summer, but my winter body was like "lady, pick your freaking shoe." I was with a couple that took two hours to decide. They kept saying "how should a shoe fit? I think I'm just between sizes." Similar to a time when a woman asked me how she was supposed to walk. These are valid questions when coming from a 6 year old, maybe.

Ill answer the question. It should fit comfortably. Not like a bathing suit.
And you should walk the way our Good Lord made you to walk. With a limp, or straight. People want answers and they want them to be perfect.

Yesterday a very nice old man came in wearing a US Navy jacket and a cute hat. He was just overwhelmed with shoe options. We talked a bit and then I told him to find me if he had questions. I put my hand out and said "my name is Shannon." He put his fingerless hand out and said "Jack. Pleasure to meet you." It's difficult not to have a wimpy handshake when the other person has no fingers. Man! I wanted to know his story.

Sometimes I'm afraid ill look back at my days of managing people and think "man I wish I had done it differently." I confronted someone about their attitude and now they don't look at me, or talk to me. I hardly rebuke a person or tell them to do something different and they act like I'm ruling the place under my icy thumb.

I don't know how to love people who don't love me. It's hard.

There is a sleeping puppy with hot breath suckling my arm. I love him so. In spite of his crazy eyes.

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