Sunday, February 10, 2013

We're having dog issues. This morning Rusty pooped in the dining room, then Charlotte threw up... but now they're playing tug o' war with a shirt and things are fine. But, gross, man.

I read the other day that we need to document everything. There are even things that I've forgotten about my high school/middle school days. But imagine you and perhaps all of those kids you have (I'm not speaking to anyone in particular), you will forget some very specific things. Write it all down. I think I'll start now. Not on here, because it would likely be... too much.

Lastly, I'll be 25 years old on the 22nd of February. I'm throwing a party for myself on the 2nd of March. That's it.

Oh, it thundered this morning while I was laying in bed and it made me so so happy.

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