Friday, November 22, 2013

The dogs are restless because it's cold outside and their hair is short. I know, people say "but they're dogs," and literally, Char is outside for five minutes and it takes her an hour to stop shivering. So they fight inside and jump on the couch or tear up a piece of paper and follow me to the toilet. I think they will be very difficult to handle when we have the baby. We will get through it though.

I am so blessed - I swear I get a package in the mail once a week. Today it was from Amanda - a bobble stitch blanket that she made herself and it is high quality and beautiful, like something you'd spend $50 for at a neat little shop, and her gently used diaper bag that is hard core and exactly what I wanted. I tell you what. Free things are great. They don't have to have the tags on them or still be in the package. I got two used chairs, a lamp, this diaper bag, a few slings (one very fancy) - for mostly free. Our crib and changing table were $50 bucks.

I understand some people want new stuff. I like new stuff too. But one day I look forward to sharing all of my cool stuff with people.

I'm having yoga teachers from Blue Bird over tonight. I cleaned my house and now I'm freaking tired. We're just eating finger foods and chatting... probably about yoga, because that's just what happens. It's a little bit ridiculous.

Tyler is taking me on a date tomorrow. He called it "our last date." I'm still excited.

And officially, I hate everything that I wear. I think there are two outfits that are ok, but I'd rather just stay in the house and look like Fancy Nancy than try to look cute. Ah. Well. It will... never be over soon.

But also, there are two jackets that I wear incessantly and I wouldn't have them if Ange hadn't sent them to me in the mail. Thanks, Ange.

I'm going to make some beef stew and get things ready for tonight. No naps today

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  1. I'm finally catching up on your blog. So glad those jackets worked for you! :)