Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tyler came home. We talked on the phone for three years when we dated long distance, so we're kind of over that now. Our long distance talks when he's on a business trip go like this: I say hi, ask what he ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner, ask if he has any funny stories to tell, how the day was, and then say goodnight. He likes simple conversations. His answers are normally one word. "Good." "Steak." "No."

Sometimes I'll tell him a story or two, because golly, I'm a story teller. Sometimes I'll save them for when he gets home though. But then when he got home, I was cranky pants and contractiony and mad. And quiet.

I taught a fun handstand class this morning, then met a new friend for coffee. She's 2 weeks away from having her second kid. She brought a bag of cloth diapers and a babydoll to give me a tutorial in the middle of a busy coffee shop. It was awesome. She is sweet and she does not care about being a little goofy. I like that she wears long socks and cuffs her jeans short.

Then I met my sister-in-law for lunch. I really love her. We are so different, but we just laugh at each other for how different we are. Glad to be related to her.

Birth class tonight. I think it's nap time.

But also, I just figured out putting a cookie in a cup and pouring almond milk over it and eating it like cereal. Yum.

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