Thursday, November 14, 2013

Well. Contractions.

For being such a "hyper-aware" person, somehow I don't realize when I need to slow down. Or that I'm stressed... until I start crying (that was a before-pregnancy thing). But, gosh. I went to bed at 9:15 last night and woke up a little after 11 thinking it was time to wake up and teach a yoga class. I cussed. 11:15 and wide awake. I waited around until after 1am, and made a bowl of ginger snap cat cookies mixed with cereal and almond milk. I ate the crap out of it, and tried to go back to bed. The contractions were lighter than last time, but still made it extremely difficult to fall asleep.

Tyler put is heavy hand on my head, in a loving way, but it's like when someone hugs you and smashes your face in their hug. Anyway, heavy hand on my head... he says, "You're going to be a good mom." I always ask very quickly and abruptly to people who say that, "Why?" Mostly because I'm curious. And a little bit because I think they're just saying that. Anyway, Tyler says, "Because. You're so loving... AND a hippie." Well, alright. Then later in the night, "How's the baby?" I say good, and that I'm having contractions. He says, "Oh." Rolls over. He's cute though. Oh, I forgot I'm not supposed to tell people this stuff.

I taught this morning at 6:30. I came home and herbed myself. I need to herb myself again. If it were time to give birth, I would "welcome" these contractions. It's not time though, so damn it, I'm frustrated.

Nap time. But first, I did meet with my midwife yesterday and she measured me at like, 31 inches? I think. Last time I was 29. My belly is, therefore, growing. I've gained about 15-18 pounds, depending on my starting point. My weight fluctuated so much before. Let's just say 18 pounds and I'll stop having a competition with myself in my brain. The baby is in perfect postion, and kicks me hard in my right ribs. Shoves his butt into my left side, I think I saw an elbow during yoga, but stifled my yell. Oh, and it's a boy. I'm fairly sure. We just say he.

Ok, goodnight. Please say a prayer that these contractions cease. I need at least 2.5 more weeks.

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