Monday, April 16, 2012

Acute Pharyngitis

It's Monday and I stayed home from work. I went to the Take Care Clinic... they basically said it's like Strep, but it's viral like a cold and it's lower in my throat... hence the hairball, feel like throwing up feeling.

This weekend was Lauren's and Ken's wedding. It was absolutely the most gorgeous wedding. With the rain, the wedding got moved into a beautiful barn out in Clarksville, MO, which is about an hour away. The day of, we got lost so I'm glad we left early. The iphone directed us to the middle of nowhere a town over from where we were supposed to be. It was weird.

I had to practice singing with a groomsman and Lauren's brother. After much miscommunication and going to three different locations where I was told the boys were, I found them... we practiced and it was fine. Then I realized I was late for pictures, but we had to drive Lauren's brother to the next town over where his hotel was when my place was two blocks away. I tried explaining that... anyway, the afternoon was beyond frustrating for me and I was sad I missed the whole day of getting ready with Lauren. However, she was stunning and I ended up not being late for pictures.

The wedding was perfect. Ken could hardly get through his vows because he was crying, and Lauren was too. It was seriously precious. We sang The Love of Christ is Rich and Free, just like at Ange's wedding. All went well... and then Tyler and I gave the toasts. I was nervous for Tyler, just because. He did so awesome. I only wish someone had recorded the speeches. Mine went great too. We were both so nervous. Talking in front of 200+ people is not our thing, but Tyler wants to make a career out of it now.

Now I'm sitting on my couch.... wishing that Glee was not a show. It's so terrible. I need to just turn it off.

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