Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today is Kristi Bower's birthday... sometimes when I'm home I'll still be like, "Mom, I'm going to meet Coach for breakfast." And then I correct myself and say Kristi. Anyway, I'll never forget being fifteen years old and having her come along and take the place of my first volleyball coach, who... was a little crazy. Our first volleyball week-long camp, I didn't know her very well, but I knew I liked her. I hung around after camp to talk with her about an unfortunate boy situation... and the rest is history. She's one of the strongest women I know, in every way. I love her dearly. She probably won't read this for a while... but when she does, I hope she smiles. I love you, Kristi. Thanks for dealing with my high school drama and still being my friend, letting me coach with you, standing by me in my wedding, and loving me. You have always been an inspiration to me.

Well. I was sick Monday, and had a management meeting Tuesday, and a buy meeting today. One of my favorite quotes from the meeting - "Guys, it's nearing the end of the fiscal year and we need to treat it like a marathon... we need to be be pooping our pants... to get the shoes out of the store." That was from my boss. Trust me, there are so many more analogies where that came from... most of them inappropriate enough that I won't share them on here.

I have a sensitive low back. I talked to my yoga teachers, and they said they went through the same thing. I'm frustrated and I just want it to be fixed, but it will take discipline for it to heal. Barf. I hate discipline. Ask Tyler.

Time to clean my house... and I'm reading a book called The Science of Yoga. It's so interesting. It's on the kindle... if you sisters just feel like knowing the history of yoga, it's cool. I'm enjoying it...

However, at community group last night we talked about Spiritual Warfare and false teachers. I asked for prayer as I go into teach training, because I will be subjecting myself to teaching that (I don't have to agree with but,) does not agree with the Bible. I could go into more detail, but basically as time has progressed yoga has evolved and changed into something totally different from it's origins. Either way, I will need accountability. I don't want to become a crazy person. I'm looking forward to the knowledge I'll gain and I'm hoping/believing that this will actually strengthen my relationship with God. I told my group that I don't want yoga to be my thing... even though I love it. I want Jesus to be my thing, and that's putting it weirdly/lightly.

Time to clean..

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  1. Dude, I have chronic bad, weak low back. Every morning I can hardly bend over to pick up my...whatever I need to put on in the morning.
    If I held Lola or did burpees, or overworked my quads. It's all connected. It hurts from my lower back to my sciatic nerve, and occasionally shoots to my toes. I'm sure it's all a pinched nerve thing. It can't be massaged out. My core is strong. We should probably all have surgery like ANge.

    I'm excited for your yoga teacher training. We'll try to keep you in line if you start being too meditative or whatever.