Thursday, April 5, 2012

The dark piece of hair is my fun piece. At least I'm experimenting with my hair and not my face or something. Or my brain.

This is my oldest dread lock, Fred. My hair dresser named him... her?... If you compare the end of it to the root, the end of it is much more matted, but she got a lot accomplished in a little amount of time. 

Funny story. My boss saw my dread lock today. I don't hide them, but they're just hidden by the rest of my hair. He was like "What the !@#$%^&^%$#" and put three different kinds of scissors on my desk. It was hilarious. He laughed a lot. 

That's the end. 


  1. Hahaha I love that he put scissors on the desk!
    Glad we could hang out tonight. Let's do it again soon!

  2. I'm all caught up on the last four emotional, hilarious posts and I feel like I'm getting a glimpse into Alayna as an adult. Fun stuff ;)