Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I realized the other night that I had a twitter account. I tried it out again... and then deleted it the next day. I was on a role, so I deleted my food blog on tumblr too, because let's just be honest... I don't need two blogs. Then I deleted the games on my phone. I have enough stuff to waste my time.

I went to yoga this morning. It was awesome. I'm seriously going to be in a world of hurt for teacher training, but that's okay. I can't wait.

It's a beautiful day today. Kind of dark out, and chilly. My teacher said days like this remind her to be quiet. I like that. The lights are out in my house, windows open, music playing quietly. The only thing I could talk to is Charlotte anyway, but I'm glad my day off is like today. I need a day to be quiet.

I went to Starbucks to get a blonde, because that's just what I do now when I have a day off.

Last night my shoulder fell asleep and Tyler's scratchy chin was touching my shoulder, making it tingly. So I said, "My shoulder is asleep. Could you move?" He responded, "It's just... the only option I have." I said, "Oh, really? No other options?" Then he blinked a lot. It was weird.

I also dreamed that a friend of mine who is pregnant hadn't told her family yet. However, in the dream she was showing like crazy. We were at the dinner table and I touched her large belly and said, "How's she doing?" Her grandpa was like, "What are you talking about?" And to cover it up, my friend tucked her top lip under, pulled her little hands up like a bunny and started hopping up and down in her chair. Then she laughed like a crazy person and kept eating her dinner. That did the trick though. No one questioned her large baby belly after that.

I'm making a playlist on Spotify right now. If you don't have Spotify, you should get it because it's free. Free music. For 20 hours a month.

Well. I'm going to call my mom now. Then I'm going to get my dreads worked on, and maybe I'll get a pretty color in my hair. Right now it's long and wavy and flat. If I dressed the part, I could easily be a hippie. or a mountain woman. I need a hair-do.

Excited for Easter.

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  1. Did you get color in your hair?
    Man, I thought you and Zach were all no coffee ever people and now you're both back on it. I got off for 3 weeks before the wedding and went back, then off a week then back on 3 days, then off a week, and now back on for the past 3 days. I love life when I'm on it, but it does bad stuff to me. Blaaa.

    Wayell, do you have any Easter decorations? Stab a cross in your yard? Bunnies on the table? I suddenly like eggs. I just bought some giant ones. So weird I am.