Sunday, April 22, 2012

All for a wayward bride

Tyler starts his new job tomorrow. I think he's feeling a little weird about coming back and having seniority over people. He said he's not looking forward to it, but I think once he gets into the swing of things he's going to rock it. 

I had a meeting with the President of our company on Saturday. Not the boss I usually talk about who has the crazy analogies, but his dad (who has some great analogies as well). I was anxious because I had no idea what he would need to meet me out of the store to talk about, or why we couldn't just do it over the phone. It ended up being really great. I love the people I work for. I was sick that day - terrible sinus pressure, clogged nose. I felt badly. But when I went back into the store after talking with my boss, I felt like I had more of a purpose. I had so many customers tell me how great I was at my job, I got a hug from an 385 lb. ER nurse who came in nearly unable to walk, I got him in some 993s (in a size 16/4E) and insoles... he walked out with no pain. It was pretty awesome. I went to shake his hand and he bear hugged me. His wife was teary-eyed. It was sweet. 

I ended the day by staying an hour past close helping a customer... who ended up ordering from (corporate competitors). His face was red because he was embarrassed at how much of my time he had used, but I totally know that he will come back to our store next time. Then I returned a call to a woman who claimed she called three times during our Anniversary Sale and never got a call back. However, I remember her angry voice. I did call her back, but her mailbox was full. I didn't mention this to her, because she was beyond pissed. I'm a pretty good apologizer. In the end I asked what I could do for her. If she had said "give me a free shoe," I would have. All she said was, "train your staff." That cut a little bit. I told her I appreciated her input and was glad she called. When I hung up I cried. 

I'm drinking this awesome tea. It's distributed by the Republic of Tea and the line is called Active Teas. I'm drinking Get Burning. There is also Get Limber, Get Hydrated, and I forget the rest. They're yummy and we're going to sell it at our store, which is kind of weird. But... whatever. 

We sang this song this morning, and I love it. 

Victim of our sacrifice
Gift of love a perfect life
All for a wayward bride
All for a wayward bride

See the Lion and the Lamb
How He sits at Your right hand
Waiting to come again
Waiting to come again

Servant King of rich and poor
Beggar that the world ignores
Oh let me see your face
Hidden in simple things

Oh great love of God
Who takes away the sin of all of us
Gone forever
Heaven open wide in Your resurrection
You won't be denied bringing life to the dead and dying
You won't be denied we will rise and we'll sing forever

Tyler and I took a walk at the Eco Park tonight. It's across the street from our house. I'm thankful that we live in a cool place. 
I love my family

It's good to be in love. 

Well, that's all. I'm just really thankful for my life and all the people I know. I feel like a lucky little kid. God is good... even when my brain is full of green snot. 

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