Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Custom Designed 993's

I have to share this. I'm flipping out.

This morning I got an email about a sales competition. Basically, we had to do 10% more net sales than we did last year on June 20th, and on top of that each ticket had to have an average of 2 or more items on it.

We ended the day about 30% up from last year with an average of 2.15 items per ticket, and we're all getting custom designed 993's as a reward. That's a shoe.

I'm flipping out because my store is awesome. I love my staff and they love me and we work hard.


  1. Oh, I'm glad it's a good flipping out. Congratulations!!! I want to see these custom designed shoes when you get them. That's just awesome.

  2. That's so exciting! You're always wearing awesome shoes. Can't wait to see these.