Sunday, June 17, 2012

I spent my evening running a trail with Tyler and Charlotte. It was awesome. Then we made a green smoothie for dinner, because we ate a boatload of freaking pork for lunch. Sick. I'm so done with meat. It grosses me out.

Char is laying next to me on the couch chewing on an old quilt. Tyler is watching Heat vs. Thunder.

I just read on my facebook that another one of my friends doesn't believe in God anymore. Deep sadness. I've been praying more lately... and the more I pray, the more I realize I need to pray even more.

I think I want to be a runner again. After running tonight, I have no desire to drink a beer or eat badly. Yoga is great, but real cardio does something for me. I wouldn't call yoga a true cardio workout... unless you do like a painful amount of sun salutations. It's just not the same as running through a trail and dodging tree branches and jumping over rocks and hobos. Yeah, I'll never go by myself because that'll be the one time I come across hobos doing a drug deal and I'll be shot and thrown into the abyss of the MO River.

When I have come up with scenarios like this in the past, people have said... "You think stuff like this all the time, don't you?" Yes, yes I do. Water will drown you, tornadoes will suck you up, and people will murder you. I'm surprised I have so much fun. I'm thankful I don't have as much anxiety as I used to. God is good.

I'm going to read The Neverending Story now.


  1. It's true, there is something about doing a good cardio that makes you decide not to eat the no-bake cookie, because why would you undo all that hard work. At least, that's how I feel. Trail running does sound more attractive than a Jillian Michaels video. I wish I could do that.

  2. A trail run always sounds more fun than running down my street every day. I should do that with you next time I visit.