Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm not at the Bon Iver concert

Nor am I in Tulsa. The Staves are opening for Bon Iver. My heart is unsettled a bit...

But, tonight I went for a walk with Tyler and we stopped at Charlotte's dad's house. Mac is her dad (he is a dog) and Charlotte's Great Grandma (she is a human named Janet) is very sweet. Her husband passed away a few months ago. His name was Sunny, and he was a silly old man. She talked about him a bit tonight and she described him as "a weird person," who would wake her up in the middle of the night with "something ignorant" to say, or a joke. She said it with a smile, like when you love someone even though they're crazy and frustrating.

Last time I saw Sunny before he died, he offered me some pizza rolls. First of all, I would never accept a pizza roll from an old dying man (if a nail polish was named after him it would be called Death Yellow). I told him I wasn't hungry and he said in an old scratchy voice, "Youuu... yer fulla shit... but I love ya."

From Janet's house, we walked to our friend Amanda and Doug's house. Their family was over. Amanda's little niece blew bubbles in Charlotte's mouth and would yell "Sharla! Eat the Bubbles!... Sheila! Eat the Bubbles!"

We walked home and talked about cannibalism and what it would taste like to eat people meat. Bath salts mess with your brain. Just breathe oxygen and eat pork. If I did get half eaten, I wouldn't want to live through it.

I wanted to run the Eco Park trail yesterday, but I was afraid I'd get et by some cannibal. So I waited and took Tyler with me. I love my new trail shoes, but I hate cannibals.

Anyway. Oh, we got Little Mickey's BBQ too, and ate it by the river with some Negra Modelo. We saw a couple on the other side of the River and Tyler said, "I wonder if they have a Katy Trail over there." And then I thought maybe they were like our alternate people and quietly yelled, "Hey!... is your name Tyler?!" Like some kind of LOST madness.

I'm excited for Sunday. I'm thankful for the Sabbath.


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