Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A lady that scared me

The other night we went with our friends to Lyon's for some custard. We sat by the road and ate our ice cream. Down the sidewalk in the shadows in front of the St. Charles Library was this hunched over woman walking back and forth in high heels and a dress with about 6 bags, some big, some small, paper, grocery, reusable, etc. She just kept moving them around.

As we left to go home we decided to ask her if she was okay, because she was just acting odd. Tyler stopped the car and as I shouted from the window a plane flew over and we couldn't hear each other. So I got out of the car... as I approached her I just felt like I was asking someone a question like no big deal, but when I got up close to her I was filled with terror. Her eyes were just empty in an "I'm Crazy" way. Much like our neighbor friend Lisa, whom I think scarred me. Anyway... I said, "Are you okay? Do you need anything?" and she said in a high pitched, soft, weak voice, "Oh.. um.. I'm sorry.. um, I have a muscle disorder and I forgot to take my medicine and my ride never showed up... um, do you want this Gatorade? It's so heavy and I'm tired of carrying it. It hasn't been opened of course!" I told her I didn't. She asked for a ride across the street. Literally, it would be like getting in your car to drive to the neighbors driveway across from your house. Probably just as much walking as she'd being doing in a circle moving her bags all around. Either way, that grocery store was closed so I said, "IGA is closed. Maybe you could walk to Lyon's and ask to use their phone...?" She goes, "OH! That's LYONS?" (with emphasis, but still in a creepy quiet voice). Then she handed me a paper grocery bag and asked me to throw it away. "It's clean!" she said. So I threw the bag away for her. Something was in it. Hopefully not a baby kitten.

I went to the window of Lyon's and told them she was on her way... the guy seemed really annoyed and I'm not sure if she actually ended up using the phone. This lady was probably in her 40s, short bleach blonde hair, dressed nice. But she definitely wasn't all there, and it terrified me.

That's the end of my story. I need to learn to ask better questions, like "Who is your ride?" and "Where are you going?" I think I'm done giving people rides that I don't know, but still... I feel terrified when I think I might be getting manipulated. Golly. So weird. I had to distract myself before bed so I could sleep.

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  1. Sorry Shannon. That is not fun. The Life Crisis Hotline is 314.647.4357... I think they help with anything, from suicide to psychosis (sounds more like your friend last night), etc. You could probably call them and maybe they would at least help you assess the situation next time you have one of these encounters?