Saturday, June 30, 2012

Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright.

You know how when you say, "My husband is so awesome. Everything is so good right now!" to your friends, and then you go home and get in a fight and go to sleep sad? Well, I suppose it works that way with everything. In my last post I bragged about my store. Well, we didn't win the shoes. It was a competition between stores (never mentioned to us) as well as just hitting the goal in the first place. We got second place. So rather than $170 customized 993s (for free) we got Jimmy Johns. JIMMY JOHNS. Ok. Let's just say I was so disappointed I nearly cried, but also my staff was like WTF. I told my boss he needed to be more clear with the directions, and that eating Jimmy Johns was more like a punishment at this point. Barf. It's over with though.

Anyway, now work is very hard. I had a dream a few nights ago about my old Assistant Manager crying and begging me not to "submit the evidence" against him. I woke up bummed out. My boss is all up in my space telling me to have all these difficult conversations and schedule less. July first begins the new fiscal year and I can start fresh. I'm just hoping to hit my goals.

Until then, I will be at my parents house relaxing and planning my future of not working in a shoe store. It's a ways away, but it's there.

This weekend I started teacher training. The guy teaching us is like the Tim Keller of the yoga. So to some people it's like, "Oh cool. Yoga Teacher Training," but in the yoga world it's like "Whoa! He adjusted your form?! What's he like in person?"

I have been sufficiently prepared for practice there, thanks to my teachers. We're learning alignment, anatomy, history, and philosophy.

It's good, but it is tiring. We practice for an hour and fifteen minutes, then go over alignment/anatomy for 3 hours. Lunch break, history, practice, philosophy, breathing. We have done chanting, and it is oddly fun. Maybe it's just because I love to sing. But I found myself dying to harmonize, which I think defeats the purpose of the "union."

Here is a cool story though. There were these monks who sang, pretty much all day every day. A new "head monk" (you'll find I don't explain any of this stuff correctly) came in and said "Hey, all this singing is archaic. Let's stop." (they'd been singing for hundreds of years) So they stopped. They all got sick. Doctors came in and changed their diet, changed their sleeping habits. They were still sick. Another doctor came in and asked what they were doing differently, and told them to keep singing. They sang again and they were well.

Apparently the root of the word "sound" is actually "health" (somehow, some way... it just is, or so I was told). It's just kind of cool singing with a group of sort-of strangers. We started in a big circle, and after singing for ten minutes I opened my eyes and I couldn't believe how far apart we were because it felt like we were in a great pile. And it's pretty. Have you heard monk music? We used to listen to it in voice lessons with Billie Thomas. Loved it.

Anyway, one more day this weekend. Tomorrow from 9-4.

Like I said a few months ago, I think if anything that this training will strengthen my faith in Jesus. But please pray for me. I expect to hear some stuff that is so opposite of the Gospel, but I've met so many people and I'm excited about where I can take this training and use it.

Last thing. Today I told my friends from my yoga studio (I'm going with four other girls) that my mantra (I used that word to sound yogish) is "I eat this shit for breakfast" because I have to say that to make me feel tough like I can do whatever pose for however long they make us. We had a good laugh. That's not a very peaceful mantra, but I like it.

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  1. That's hilarious. You would be a cool yoga teacher if you start getting the class pumped up instead of relaxed. Yell at them about eating this shit instead of singing. Just a funny picture I had in my head. You should totally harmonize!