Saturday, September 22, 2012

Chans Plange

A few months ago Tyler wanted to purchase a small house just to rent out to people. He's weird. He likes numbers and spreadsheets and real estate. So we looked, a house we wanted to buy fell through, so Tyler had a new plan to purchase a bigger house for us and rent out the one we're currently in.

We looked casually, came across the best realtor in town, and then a house we love. This is hard for me, because we always planned to transition back to Oklahoma soonish. All of my friends here know that, and they all poo-poo it of course. So when we found a house it actually hit me what that meant. I was stressed, I skipped a lot of yoga, I cried in 3-second spurts at random moments while driving. I was dreading telling people back home, because it's my fault that I haven't kept everyone up to date with our plans. Last I mentioned I'm pretty sure I said we'd be home in a year and having a baby.

Well, we found a quaint little house that's three times as big as the house we're in right now. It's got a sun room. Here's the link on Zillow. The kitchen needs to not be pink, but other than that it's great.

Anyway, whoever comes to visit can sleep in a room on a real bed.

It was hard to tell my mom.

All I know is that I feel overwhelmingly thankful and happy and blessed. Like a lucky little kid, except that I'm not lucky and God is just good. Even when things are hard and sad, I'm just reminded of how good He is. We close the last week of November. Please come visit us and stay in our house. Sit in the sun room and sip your coffee.

We'll be hitting up a lot of thrift stores for some furniture to put in the house.

And I can feel it in my bones that I will die in Oklahoma. Things will happen in their appropriate time.

Love, Shannon.


  1. It's so cute. I'm so happy for you guys ... and so sad for me.

    1. every time you say you're sad, a small piece of me dies.

  2. I will come over and sip coffee in your sunroom. And I LOVE that house. It looks like a keeper for your time here...

  3. It looks like you'll have a lot of wood paneling to paint. I'm good at that. Give me a shout if you ever want help. Of course, it's okay if you guys love wood paneling. Nathan was rather fond of dark paneling, and not wanting to change something original to an old home, but I convinced him we'd be less depressed if I painted it. :)