Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I just stood in my new sun room. I made sure the ceilings were high enough so I could do sun salutations. The inspector was like, "This would be a great family room. You could put a TV out here. It'd be great." I wanted to tell him that was the worst idea ever... putting a TV in a sun room. I didn't though. I just told him I was going to teach yoga out there. He seemed disappointed.

It's a beautiful day. Tyler is going to work now. We just had a Totally Tuna from Jimmy John's. Our neighbor is yelling at someone on the phone on his porch. Then Mark (the crazy guy) yelled terrible things at Lisa (the crazy lady) in front of our house. Really makes you want to leave the windows open.  Two yelling conversations with separate parties... at the same moment on the same day, right in front of my house. How weird.

The woman selling us her house is interesting. There is an old chandelier above the dining room table. Tyler said "The first thing I'm going to do is take that thing down when we move in." Today the owner was working at her desk in the living room... kind of awkward. But we talked to her a bit. She seems very sad to sell it, but it's her choice. She wants to live in the next town close to her church and daughter. Well, she said she was very sad to part with the chandelier and thought of taking it with her. We told her to take it, but she said she couldn't. It's a 75 year old chandelier and there are pineapples on it... for good luck.

If she ends up leaving it, I think I convinced Tyler that the chandelier stays.

I need help painting the house... colors, I mean. I'm bad at choosing colors. I just want them to be awesome.

I think it's nap time.

PS. Amanda, I like wood panelling. There isn't too much.

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  1. Oh, I will help you pick colors and help you paint!