Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day off

I skipped yoga this morning. I also left work early yesterday, due to severe cramping and dry heaving. I hardly slept last night. 

I woke up early to Tyler taking a picture of me, the bright iPhone flash, and then hearing him say, "You're an ugly sleeper." He's funny. Probably one of the oddest people I know. 

I went to QT, got a coffee and doughnut, went to my Hosea bible study, and then to lunch with Allison at Llywelyn's. I love the book of Hosea. Great discussion was had and I'm looking forward to getting to know the "older" women in my church - the ones with kids who have been married for fifteen years rather than one or three. I like wise ladies. I want to be one. So I chose to go to this study rather than the other one full of my friends. Not because my friends aren't wise, but I want to branch out more.  

Lunch with Allison was great. I love her to pieces. We got coffee afterwards at Picasso's. The barista made me a "surprise" - cinnamon honey latte. It was perfect. I'll get it with soy milk next time because real milk is poison. 

I cleaned my room. I was sitting on the floor hanging stuff up and Charlotte kept trying to sit in my lap. It was terribly adorable. She loves me so much. Then she would sneak a hanger and I'd hear chewing in the next room. She loves plastic hangers almost as much as she loves leather. 

I went to a cute little grocer with antiques, craft beer, and home grown produce. It's just a couple blocks away and it's adorable. I got some produce for our Gospel Community kick off dinner. I'm excited about this semester. Now here I sit, listening to Imagine Dragons. The windows are open. I'm wearing a headband. I feel kind of nauseous, but it's been a great day.

I look forward to not working retail and just teaching yoga. I think about that a lot. I can't help it. I'm tired and much too emotional to be a boss. I care too much about my staff. I want them to be happy. When they're not, I think it's my fault. Some day.

I think I'll go on a walk. 


  1. My little Misty Brew coffee shop will make my coffee with almond milk. The other day I said, "Well, I want something hot." She said, "Well, I have fresh pumpkin so I could make you a dirty pumpkin spiced chai with Almond milk (dirty means it has coffee in it too). She's amazing. Love you.

    1. that sounds so good. Love you back.