Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seemingly ignorant people keep asking me what I'm going to do after college, just assuming this is a college job. I tell them I already have a degree. They're like, "Oh. And you still work here?" It's always people who live in Florida for half of the year, or someone who doesn't have a job (retired, stays at home, etc - which is fine). They say "Oh, I bet your husband has a good job." Yeah, he does. I actually just make monopoly money and we play with it when I get home from work every night.

I think I'm feeling testy because I got a mean email today from a lady who stormed into our store and started yelling that she refused to wait for a Fitting Specialist and wanted help immediately. Oddly enough, this woman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a website full of her counseling services. Her email said she was the kind of customer we wanted - the ones who know what they want and don't need any help. Nope, the place you meant to go to is called Zappos. It's not that we won't help those customers, at all. Most people that come into our store come in for full service, or they don't realize that we're full-service, so we show them. If you hate full-service and want to do it yourself, shop online. Also, if you're like this lady, please never leave your house, because you're mean.

I had a guy complain that his 14 month old shoe was defective because the mesh ripped. I told him it was normal wear and tear. Eventually, I told him I'd give him a credit toward a new shoe, which I totally regret. His next move was "When will the shoe go on sale?" I told him in 2 years when the shoe is phased out and updated. He asked if he could continue to wear his current shoe and bring it back in 2 years. I said no. He said, "Oh... so this credit is conditional. Ok. Well, I got a few packs of socks that don't fit. Can I bring those back?" The socks were almost two years old.

I closed with two of my employees I don't see often, so that was fun. I work with good people.

My friend hates that I make my own shampoo, and that the shampoo that I make doesn't work and that my hair is disgusting. Oh, she also does my hair. So she text messaged me and said she had a present for me. I went by her house to get it, and I knew it was shampoo. It wasn't just shampoo... it was shampoo from Lush. It is amazing. It's a bar. You just use it on your scalp, and in two days when my hair is oily but I don't want to wash it again, she also got me some dry shampoo to sprinkle in my hair and soak up the oils. I'm already hooked.

I skipped my dreadlock appointment. I had a weird feeling. So I just canceled it. I'm not going to get more dreads... right now... so. I just cleaned my room instead of driving into the city to get my hair looked at.

Tyler is home from class. Bye.

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  1. Yeah, if you wear shoes for 14 months you should definitely not get a store credit. You're a softie. Meanies should not mess with softies or they end up in a blog post ;)