Friday, September 7, 2012

It was a great Labor Day weekend. I was off Sunday and Monday. We played sand volleyball, stayed up late, hung out with people with kids twice (!), ate BBQ, slept in until 9:30 am on Monday (I tried to put the 9:30 in caps, because it's a big deal). We grocery shopped and made a breakfast pizza while drinking coffee stout (breakfast beer). We went to church in our new building, and to lunch with our dear Colorado friends, Jesse and Bri.

We watched a movie called Friends with Kids. It's the dumbest movie in the whole world. Do not rent it. The ending is an attempt at poetry and love and beauty, and it fails so horribly that I wish I could erase it from my brain. It's terrible. Do not rent it. 

I sing in the band at Church with my friend's husband. He's awesome - I prefer to sing with him when I am in the band. He asked me to sing out somewhere with him sometime, like at a bar. I'm pretty excited. He asked me to think of some songs that we could do together and I nearly interrupted him to say "Civil Wars." I'm excited. I hope this comes to fruition. 

I made an appointment to have my dreadlocks fixed. I saw this guy the other day who had the most gorgeous dreads. They were so pretty, and they were neat - not messy. He gave me this girl's website and I made an appointment with her. We'll see where this goes.
That was earlier this week. Today is Friday. My mom, dad, and Alyson will be here in 2 hours. We're going to eat at the new BBQ place on Main Street - it's in an old building, like 100 years old or something. It's a cool place. And their Old Fashioned is $12, so beware.

I am excited to have the weekend off. I've had some tough conversations this week, and I think I just need a break.

Sorry my yoga posts are so freaking boring.

That's all. I'm excited for my weekend. Oh, also Lacy and Dustin are staying with us this weekend. Gosh, a weekend full of people I love and miss. I also wish my other two sisters could be here... and my weird brother.

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  1. Ha our weird brother. :) When I reminded him of the movie Snake Pit the other day he replied right away with "Virginia Stuart Cunningham." He just knew the lady's full name. It just struck me as a Zach thing to remember. :)

    Anyway, let us know how your dreads turn out.