Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beer and birthdays

Last night we attended birthing class. It was one-on-one so we talked about our legit fears. Mine were like "My baby won't breast feed" and Tyler's were like "the birthing pool leaks."

It was good though. Tyler told the teacher it's a great class, even if it just means thinking about the birth for 3 hours a week. She said, "You should be thinking about it more than three hours a week." Haha. We are.

Anyway, we always do what's easy and comfortable when it comes to social situations, so Tyler was like "Let's just go to Trailhead." That's the place we always go. We have a bar tender there. He gave us a chest of drawers for goodness sake. We needed a change. So for Tyler's 26th bday, we did end up going to The Civil Life Brewing Company. It is such a cool place. They have a simple menu of food, and it's actually good. You can get a half pint of beer for $2.50 or a full pint for $5.00. They encourage you to try their different beers. It's more about appreciation. It's in sort of a warehouse ish type building in the middle of a neighborhood. It's cool.

The bartender had this badass mustache and he was reading this HUGE book titled "BEER."

I had 8 oz. of beer. I don't want anyone to be scared, but I'm just being honest. My midwife prescribed a glass of wine and a bath for my contractions. In my humble opinion, it's ok. It's ok for the baby. This is America. They tell you not to eat or drink certain things because we don't know how to do it in moderation here. Heck, I've had lunch meat a time or two. And an occasional zebra cake, which, mind you, should be on the list of things to not eat when you're pregnant. Or ever. Good heavens, things are a little backwards.

So I sipped and savored and nursed 8 oz of the tastiest ESB I've ever had (that I can remember... it's been a while) and we shared pretzels with spicy mustard and these incredible stuffed peppers (they were stuffed with prosciutto, which I'm sure is on the list... and the cheese was soft!).

We discussed age. Tyler said he was "pleased with the trajectory" of his life, that he liked his wife, and that 26 seemed to be a good age. People sent him sweet messages about what a great young man he is and how they're excited for his next chapter of life. How sweet. People are sweet sometimes.

And I slept like a freaking baby. I don't even know if I got up to pee, whereas the last two nights I don't think I hit REM cycle. Ah. Beer. Also, it was hoppy, and Hops is the herb I've been taking to calm my contractions down. What a nice night it was. Perhaps I dreamed I was a birthing mama cow, but I don't remember.

This is the end of my post.

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  1. there was actually some study recently that showed moderate drinking (like, one drink a day I think? 4-5 drinks a week?) had no negative outcomes. when I read about it I thought OF COURSE!
    sounds like a good dinner. :)