Wednesday, October 16, 2013

There is a Pinterest/Craft Night coming up this Friday with ladies from my church. I'm looking forward to it. Never in the last 6 years have I felt the desire to sit around with women and craft something, but I've been feeling nesty and crafty lately. I just needed to find my craft and go with it.

So apparently humans carve rubber with tools and make stamps. And I'm going to do that. I think my house is chalk-drawn enough. Time to start carving. Soon enough, you will be getting a card from me, or perhaps a receiving blanket... or a kerchief... with the Wheeler logo on it. I'm kidding. We don't have a logo, and I know you wouldn't want it if we did. I'll be making a trip to Hobby Lobby soon, with some warm cash in my pocket. I don't know what warm cash even is. Sounds gross though, now that I think it through. If stamping isn't my life calling... I guess I'll just raise children.

I've been doing some severe napping, and the dogs love it. They snuggle hard core with me. Russ inched his way up the couch and rested his floppy face right on my belly. It was so sweet. They know something is up.

I read this article, which some of you may have seen on Facebook, titled something like "Stay at Home Mom - WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY?!" And I just want to say I am guilty of saying, "Do you work for a living, or just stay home?" Or, "Do you plan to just say home?" and the "just" really weighs that sentence down. I apologize to the moms I've said it to, and would definitely appreciate some grace. The "just" implies that you are doing one thing (one umbrella that covers a lot of things) - raising a kid - instead of two things, raising a kid and working for a paycheck. Such a tricky line to walk on. Imagine how I feel now. People ask if I'm keeping myself busy, I'm like, YEAH. I blog, I take a nap, I take a yoga class, I get coffee with a friend, then I teach a yoga class, I go to counseling and work through all of my stuff, I read books, cook dinner, teach another yoga class, and try to come up with a life calling - like making stamps! So. I'm super grateful for this time. And at times, I feel like a spoiled high schooler during summer. Honestly. If I had to work and Tyler was staying home every day, I would be 1) obnoxiously jealous and 2) expect him to remodel the house.

That's all.

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