Wednesday, October 2, 2013

You know those rainy dark mornings... where you just want all the lights out, maybe music playing quietly, but the sound of the rain is really what you want in your ears. You wish the sun would stay hidden so that laying on the couch all day felt right. But then the sun comes out, and all you've been is lazy. I kind of just want to freeze time, and then skip to the evening when the sun is down.

That's been Wednesdays for me. It's amazing. When I worked I'd say on Tuesday nights "Tomorrow is already Wednesday!" and now I say to Tyler "It's only Tuesday."

Ah well. Maybe because Wednesday was always my day off, something in my body is like "don't move. You've beeing moving constantly since last Wednesday."


Ok, I forced myself to go to yoga. I actually text messaged Rachel and said, "Tell me to go to yoga. Tell me how good I'll feel." She did. So I went.

The baby room is coming together. Slowly but surely. Registering for stuff is frustrating, because it seems that Target is always out of stock. And then I feel like a jerk for complaining about the opportunity to get free stuff from people, and whether the color will be right. All I want is a sweet baby. It can be naked. It doesn't need the right Boppy cover.

I get this email every morning about my pregnancy's status. It told me to count kicks in the morning and at night. That's like telling someone to count the movements of a tiny hip hop dancer. So, NO. I won't do that. I will just appreciate it and smile. Gosh, it's sweet.

Ange and Bob will be here this weekend with Sweet Audrey. This, I am very excited about.

I never said anything about my baby shower. It was perfect. I have a sweet family and sweet friends. We just talked and ate and drank coffee and opened presents. I cried, because it really is a super humbling thing for people to spend their hard earned money or their useful time getting/making a gift for you. And throwing a party for you. All I did was get pregnant. It's just crazy. Yes, a sweet child will come of this, but really it has nothing to do with me. Ok, it has a little bit. But, you know? Showers are just really thoughtful. I wonder if they have them in other cultures. I bet it's a 9 month party. I'm glad we don't do that.

A while ago I thought when I went into labor I'd invite all my friends over. What a fool I can be.

Ok, time to move along my day.

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