Thursday, October 24, 2013

I'm all over the place

Woke up this morning to teach Rise and Shine yoga at BBY. That's Blue Bird Yoga, to all you strangers. The painting on the wall at the studio looks almost identical to the tattoo on my back, which is kind of funny... but sometimes I feel like I need to clarify that I got my tattoo two years before the studio opened. OR, they can just think I'm really dedicated.

My friend bought me a foot scrubber, because I was telling her how dry and disgusting my feet were. I just used it, and wow, my feet are soft. I soaked them in hot-ish water with Apple Cider Vinegar and some Baking Soda. It's nice. My skin is floating around in the foot soak.

So I have had Braxton Hicks for a long time, like they probably started at 20 weeks. It's nothing really, just the belly getting way tight and usually a bulge happening somewhere. Well, the last three days they have been more intense. I thought it was just a coincidence, but I'm going on day four of needing to stand up or breathe through the rushes, and I'll just be 33 weeks on Saturday. It's painful in my left hip and sometimes low back, like I need to make more room. So standing up helps. Can't wait for the real stuff. I did text my midwife, just so she's aware.

I'm picking up a 13 year old girl from school today and taking her to Starbucks. She goes to my church, and she has a lot of energy. The kind of energy that makes me very quiet. I'm trying to think of questions to ask her.

I suddenly feel a nap coming on - but first. I made cauliflower crust pizza, which was awesome. Then I made beef stew with carrots and onions. My pee smells like beef broth.

And if you saw the Cards games last night... wow. So many mistakes, it was like watching The Happening when you're like "Why is that guy running his car into a tree?!" before you realize it's because of pollution... except we were like "WHY IS HE STARING AT A FLY BALL AND LETTING IT HIT THE GROUND?!" It was a horror movie. I was waiting for a broken bat to fly into someone's throat. And I'm not even a fan. I just live here, and I've gotten sucked in.

And the title of this post suggests that my emotions float me to and fro. Yesterday I put mascara on and told myself that I was pretty, that my husband liked me, and that I was already a mommy master because I took care of a baby and made stew, all in one day! The day before, I was purt'near the bottom. Sometimes things have to be faked until you believe them. I have to do this a lot.

I can't wait to update you tomorrow on our birth class tonight and all of the interesting things that go down.


  1. I can't wait to hear about it! :) and I need to try that foot soak...mine are just atrocious.

  2. I love that you call them rushes!!!
    You're so great.
    Every time I read your blog or we chat via email, I think...I just love that Shannon Ramey Wheeler.
    You are a cutie preggo too. :)