Thursday, October 10, 2013

Goal Setting

Last night I took a goal setting course put on by Lululemon Athletica at my yoga studio. Before that, I taught a rockin yoga class. It's amazing what being prepared can do for you... and other people.

Anyway, I've taken this goal setting class before. It wasn't life altering, necessarily, or maybe it was. I think I wrote that I wanted to have a garden and be a yoga teacher. I did both. But that was two years ago, and our yard now is literally a small dog park, not fit for herbage. And it gets no sunlight. Which is great for sipping tea and lowering your AC bill.

Format of the goal class - write your "vision" for a day in your life ten years from now. Personally, that makes the feeling of air rush up my throat, and my heart patter. Then I cough. I'll be 35. Ok, big freakin' deal. From there you take the biggest goal - what they call a BHAG. Big Hairy Audacious Goal (so cute with your BHAGS and tight pants, Lulu) and put a time limit on it - I will have two adopted children by 2023. The freaky thing about it is, you write things down that you may have never said out loud. And then you get this 10 year goal. And then it... happens? Usually, but only if you magnet it to your fridge.

To get to your 10 year goal, you've got all these other little things that need to be accomplished, so make those your 5 year goals. To do those, you've got to have a 1 year goal. And you separate these goals into personal, health, and career. If you want.

So I won't bore you with all of my details of goals, but here is my vision. Ten years from now I have an almost ten year old, and other children of various ages (perhaps five all together - are you laughing?). Two of them are adopted. I teach yoga, and work part time at Connections to Success (ha!). I might be a home school mom, we'll see. I run, read, do yoga and meditate/read my bible every day. My family is healthy - mostly paleo. We sing before dinner. We invite people into our home. My kids are thoughtful. My husband is still sweet. He runs a company, and enjoys it. We all sing and play instruments together. Technology in our home is limited - TV is rarely used in our finished basement, Facebook died with Mark Zuckerberg, and we have flip phones. The pups are aging, and we have a new puppy named Woodrow. Our lifestyle is sustainable. We grow stuff.

I'm sure there's more, but I feel like being done. Somehow, from this, it has spurred my little mind. Today I'm going to sweep/clean the sunroom and move the dog crate out. It will be a clean place to drink coffee in the morning and practice yoga. I'd have my baby in there if it weren't going to be winter. Then I'm going to clean the basement/clean off the ping pong table in preparation for Tyler's bday party. It's on the 26th. You're invited.

That's all. Try writing out your vision in ten years, even if you think it's dumb. It's fun. Maybe you have a business out of your home, or you write a book. Cool!

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