Friday, December 27, 2013

I knew babies ate a lot. But I didn't know it was constant. All night long. All day. I'll get a 15 minute break here and there when he falls off. And currently Tyler is trying to sooth him while I regain a bit of humanness. I showered and put on deodorant. 

I know newborns aren't supposed to cry it out. But 20 minutes. I just need 20 or so. Probably less. What a neat skill to be able to eat and sleep at the same time. Neat. 

Things are getting better. I told myself I'd never complain about him eating again. So. I won't. I'm so glad he gets his food from me. And what a miracle really. Ah he just calmed down. 

Well. I'll be done now. 


  1. oh man. it's normal. I know that probably doesn't help, but it's so normal. it will pass. he's not crying it out if his daddy who loves him is holding him, so don't be afraid to take your 20 minutes when you need to!!!

  2. Aww I totally remember this feeling. It was like all I did for the day was feed him and shower and I only showered because someone else was there to hold him. Being so dependent on others kind of sucks but I did figure out those who love you like taking care of you go figure ;)

  3. Aw, looks like Leon has a big t-shirt on. :)
    You're doing great, Shannon. Things will level out soon and you'll look back on these first few months and sigh really big and smile.