Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm teaching yoga this morning for a business in Chesterfield. Then I have two classes left at BBY, and I'm done until about 6 weeks after the baby is born. Wacky.

We had a Christmas party last night with our Gospel Community. We did a beverage exchange/rob your neighbor. I got cocoa, and Tyler promptly told me that I lost. He wanted me to steal his beer from someone, but I chose to open a new gift. It was the richest thing I've ever drank. And now we have 49 packets of cocoa, so come drink it.

So last week when I started to get sick and then I slept for 14 hours... I didn't have water during tht 14 hours, and then I met my friend and thought "Oh, a little coffee won't hurt." So after I was severely dehydrated and contractions kicked in, I drank water like normal, but I probably needed an IV or something (I'm not being serious). I taught class that night, came home to hang out with friends and bounce on an exercise ball. The contractions hurt, and it was awkward. What do you do in that situation? I was trying to be in denial, but at the same time I knew I wasn't in real labor. "Oh, sorry I'm not listening to anything you're saying because it feels like my hips are going to explode," or "sorry I'm bouncing on this ball like a freak, I think my baby is crowning." It's just weird. Then I went to bed and slept off and on through contractions until they stopped at 4:30am. It was frustrating, mostly because I knew deep down it wasn't time... but I wanted it to be.

So anyway. People keep saying "you're about to have a baby!" and I'm like "Yeah, who knows. Maybe not. Maybe this is just the way I look now." I don't say that, because that would also be very awkward. But a small part of me thinks I will never have a baby. Some mornings when I wake up and don't feel like my bladder is about to explode, I wonder if I'm still pregnant because my belly feels smaller.

Anyway, he or she will come. I know this. But I'm not expecting it anytime soon.

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  1. when I was about six or seven months pregnant the guy that works the front desk at the gym every day said something looks different about you (I know he was so smooth) and I wanted to say, "this gym thing is a ripoff I just keep getting fatter!!!) but instead I laughed and said yes I'm having a baby. It would have been priceless.

    He/She will come. and He/She will be cute :)