Monday, December 2, 2013

37 weeks

Leslie, MB, and Jenny - thanks for your kind words. And it's true, no matter how this baby gets here, it will be sweet. And Jenny, Tyler has been "naturally prepared" (that was the name of our birth class) and I think he will be so awesome. I don't think he knew what was coming before we took the class! A good dose of healthy fear, and knowledge, goes a long way :)

My brother just left. He called me Saturday afternoon and decided to come visit. Got in around 9pm, we stayed up until 11. I taught classes the next morning and he attended both. Tyler came to the second class and we went to lunch after. Not a typical Sunday morning, but fun nonetheless.

We watched This is the End on Sunday afternoon - do not waste your time. Maybe three funny parts (as funny as those guy are) and then just drawn out stupidness. We made beef stew and ended the evening with Lars and the Real Girl.

I've been making Christmas ornaments for the tree. They're black and white. All of them. I didn't have any other paint, and who goes to the store? Not this girl. I ran out of string to hang them, but I'll get more today.

I have some things on my list to do today. But I keep finding myself drifting off into thought about laying on my stomach and wearing whatever pair of pants I want. I'm excited to do a juice cleanse, and have an Old Fashioned... but not at the same time. All of these things I haven't been able to do for a good part of 8 months. I'm telling myself, right now, that I will always be pregnant and that this baby will never come out. That way, IF it does, I'll be pleasantly surprised. Tyler said he wants me to be pregnant constantly. Um. We shall see about that.

Right now the baby seems to be chilling. He was still for a while, but now pretty movey again. I think he shifted down because I've been peeing a lot more and waddling more. My round ligaments are kind of killing me. I jogged from the car to the yoga studio (1. is that allowed? and 2. it sucked) and after about four steps I was like, nope. I'm 37 weeks and 3 days. I imagine I've got two weeks left.

Well. That's it.

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