Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's spitting ice here. I taught 6:30am Rise and Shine at the studio. Sometimes I pray that no one will come to the early AM class, but three people showed. If I lived farther away, I wouldn't go (as a student). I live three minutes away though. So it's just too easy, even with an icy windshield.

Guys, I'm not scared. I told Tyler that my fear of giving birth is at the level of fear I had as a freshman in high school, nervous about going to college. Birthing this child feels like it will never happen, and I'm not impatient. I feel like I'm in a decent place mentally and emotionally.

Though, I bought this DIY stuff to make for people for Christmas and it didn't turn out as planned after I'd already complete five of them. FIVE. I threw a silent fit in my brain and Tyler stuck out his bottom lip for me. Ah well. I'll try again. But, this is why I just don't do this stuff.

Anyone have restless leg syndrome when they were pregnant? It's terrible, but I'll live. It reminds me of when I'd get a cut and my mom would put peroxide on it and I couldn't hold still. Ya just can't hold still. Have I already said all of this?

My obsession with coconut oil continues. It just occurred to me that coconut oil has calories. I should be checking on that.

Never fails - as soon as I say to myself, "Wow, my skin isn't looking too bad," I get four zits.

I have to share that I love our Pediatrician. She is a sweet woman from India, and I feel like she is a wise grandma. I love her. She's very well-rounded and I want her to be my friend.

Ok. Nothing offensive said. I'll be done now.


  1. I remember Ange saying she went crazy if she had to just sit still on the couch. I don't think I ever had that. I do have a nervous energy thing when I'm watching TV or if I'm awake at 3am in bed. I tap both feet, but they both keep different beats. I know nothing about music, but Zach says, "Ya ya, like one is 4/4 time and the other is 3/7 time." So he knows all about this. Claire plays the piano this way. I think we're geniuses. That' way off topic.

    I'm so glad you're not scared of labor. And that you have a pediatrician you love! That's great.
    Also, ya, on day 2 of my coconut oil coffee, I was a little nauseous. I shared my enthusiasm too soon.

    You do not have to get me a darn thing for Christmas. Don't work too hard on your DYI stuff. Love you, Shannon.

  2. I definitely could not hold still at the end. Boy, Owen was sooo low so I felt like I had to keep my hip joints moving. Weird feeling. I'm so glad you like your pediatritian!! And its okay to not be fearful! You are prepared, girlfriend.

  3. Yes I had restless leg and it made me want to squirm and throw a fit on road trips. Felt like if I could take off running I'd feel better. I'm going crazy just thinking about it.